"SPACETIME MACHINE: NÉVÉ" is the first installment of the "SPACETIME MACHINE" concept.

Synopsis: Somewhere in the vastness of space, a spaceship prepares to visit one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy: "A planet so beautiful it has been nicknamed Heaven", exclaims the on-board artificial intelligence. A journey through a wormhole and the ship enters orbit around its destination. A moment of silence is shared with the stars as the ship prepares to descend. Suddenly, an engine failure sends the ship plummeting into the atmosphere. The spaceship's A.I. works to restore control and recovers just in time to avoid a collision with a commercial airliner. Welcome to Earth! A dream-like flight ensues, flying over ice-sheets, beautiful temperate rain-forests, crystal-clear skies, majestic mountains, and raging rivers, that reveal the importance and beauty of the water cycle here on Earth. The exhilarating flight is punctuated atop the highest peak, overlooking endless valleys and mountains for as far as the eye can see... Truly a wonder to behold!

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